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Experience The Value of VHT

Go Ahead. Inspire Loyalty.

Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) aligns customer context with agent availability to drive meaningful, proactive customer engagements – authentic conversations that yield customer satisfaction, lasting loyalty, and operational efficiency.

Experience The Value of VHT

With VHT, organizations are dramatically improving their key customer loyalty measurements like Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction, and Customer Effort Score.

Experience The Value of VHT

VHT solutions are driving big improvements in First Contact Resolution, brand recognition, agent knowledge & responsiveness, and agent satisfaction.

Experience The Value of VHT

VHT customers are driving significant efficiencies in their call centers – eliminating millions of abandoned calls, and cutting billions of minutes of customer hold time.

minutes of hold time we’ve saved the world this year

abandoned calls we’ve eliminated this year

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Download The Contact Center Decision Makers’ Guide 2014

This is the largest and most comprehensive study of all aspects of the U.S. contact center industry.

VHT is a proud sponsor of this 2014 research. It’s packed full of rich insights and current data points that will help you better optimize your contact center, and better serve your customers.


On Demand: Reduce Customer Effort, Improve NPS

View Now: Reduce Customer Effort, Improve NPS

Traditional methods of serving customers are resulting in poor Net Promoter Scores (NPS), increased customer effort, and negative impacts on customer loyalty.

In this on-demand webinar, we highlight steps that companies can take to reduce customer effort and positively impact NPS in today's marketplace.

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Download: VHT Point of View

VHT Point of View: Creating Memorable Moments that Define your Brand

In this VHT Point of View, learn how omni-channel callback solutions allow customers to request a return voice call from any channel, and how omni-channel callback plays a strategic role in delivering a great customer experience.


Download: 2014 Omni-Channel Research

2014: The State Of Context-Driven, Multi-Channel Solutions

In July and August 2014, Virtual Hold Technology sponsored comprehensive research on context-driven, multi-channel solutions.  The research revealed where organizations are at in their deployment of omni-channel solutions, what challenges they are facing in those deployments, and what opportunities for success they see as they push ahead.

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