How Can We Help Your Contact Center?

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How Can We Help Your Contact Center?

Reduce customer effort and improve operations

The number one frustration customers express is long hold times. Despite appropriate planning and forecasting, contact centers regularly experience unexpected influxes in contact center volume. This leads to your customers becoming frustrated as they wait on hold. With VHT Callback, you will relieve customer frustration and avoid losing potential revenue by giving your customers control over their customer journey.

“With VHT, we are able to provide an option for our customers to continue with their day without having to wait on hold.”

Line of Business Manager, S&P 500 Energy & Utilities Company
How Can We Help Your Contact Center?

Bridge the gap across digital channels and voice

Customer engagement through digital channels continues to grow, as the use of web chat, social media, and mobile apps increase. Customers who rely solely on these communication channels will likely find themselves at a dead-end and be forced to start over on the voice channel. VHT Conversation Bridge provides the ability for your customers to request a callback through any digital channel, such as mobile or web.

“VHT solutions have helped us improve our customer experience.”

IT Professional, Fortune 500 Transportation Services Company
How Can We Help Your Contact Center?

Enable agents to streamline transfers and escalations

The voice channel is still the most popular and preferred method of customer contact. Along with that comes waiting on hold and endless agent transfers. Shuffling your customers from agent to agent can lead your customers to hanging up or becoming disconnected from the agent altogether. Customer experiences that include poorly executed agent transfers lead to customer frustration, revenue loss, and increased operational costs associated with repeat callers. With VHT Agent Assist, you can provide your agents with a real-time view of queue conditions and the ability to offer callbacks directly to the proper agent group.

“Virtual Hold Technology is a great application, very versatile, and provides a great customer experience.”

IT Manager, Large Enterprise Consumer Services Company
How Can We Help Your Contact Center?

Ensure successful callbacks, improve connection rates, and proactively re-engage with customers

More and more customers prefer digital channels, but some conversations require personal assistance. Take advantage of those digital channels to improve customer experiences by confirming commitments and offering additional options. VHT Notification Suite re-engages with customers by providing email or text notifications on the status of callbacks, improving the overall customer experience.

“VHT Solutions helped with the retention of customers and improved customer experience.”

IT Architect, Global 500 Telecommunications Services Company
How Can We Help Your Contact Center?

Enhance customer experience, drive connection with context, and achieve positive outcomes

Creating a personalized customer experience is one of the best ways to achieve sustainable growth, increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and increase revenue. When your business is empowered with context-driven data, you can achieve low effort, personalized connections with your customers in real-time.

With VHT Navigator you can address disconnected, cross-channel customer experiences by connecting key moments and identifying real-time opportunities to navigate customers as they move across channels. Navigator allows you to actively engage with your customers to deliver an experience specific to their needs, ultimately enhancing the customer journey.

“VHT has allowed our organization to cater to member inquiries from a variety of channels and offer great opportunity to improve the way we serve our members.”

Business Professional, Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company