Reduce customer effort & frustration

VHT is the innovator in enhancing the customer experience. Deployed on premise or in the cloud, VHT’s Callback solution eliminates hold time reducing caller frustration. Our customer engagement solution creates a seamless customer experience across touchpoints in a simple, single user interface. 


Improve the Customer Journey with Callback

Latest Ebook

Latest Ebook

Be One with the Cloud
Customer callback is an important part of a company’s CRM strategy. When done right, everything is in harmony: increased sales, customer retention and new customer acquisition. So, why are so many firms doing it poorly, half way, or with dated infrastructure?

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VHT Outreach

VHT Outreach

Introducing VHT Outreach
Contacting customers before they know they need assistance demonstrates to customers that the brand has their best interests at heart.

VHT Outreach proactively connects with your customers to gather essential data, announces information and provides timely updates.



VHT Earns Frost & Sullivan Award
VHT Navigator builds navigated customer journeys and makes meaningful connections through a differentiated, omnichannel approach. Given its strong overall market performance and innovative solution, Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2017 New Product Innovation Award in the Contact Center Software market.

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