• Inspiring Customer Loyalty,
    Enabling Effortless Customer Experience

    Helping organizations deliver an exceptional customer experience to ensure every customer interaction,
    regardless of channel, enriches your brand and deepens the customer relationship.

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  • Enhance the Customer Experience
    with VHT Navigator

    Address disconnected, cross-channel customer experiences by connecting key moments and identifying
    real-time opportunities to navigate customers as they move across channels.

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  • 86% agree that customers are more loyal when using VHT solutions

    Surveyed VHT clients agree that their customers are more loyal
    to their brand when using our solutions.

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Improve the Customer Journey with Callback

Upcoming Webinar

Upcoming Webinar

Don’t Wait! Transform Customers into Brand Promoters Now
With a growing volume of digital, online and offline connection channels, helping customers navigate the customer service and support journey is critical to brand reputation. Join us on Wednesday, April 5 to get insights into mapping the ideal customer journey, while delivering a true omni-channel experience. 

VHT Outreach

VHT Outreach

Introducing VHT Outreach
Contacting customers before they know they need assistance demonstrates to customers that the brand has their best interests at heart.

VHT Outreach proactively connects with your customers to gather essential data, announces information and provides timely updates.

Press Release

Press Release

VHT and Voxai Partner to Bring Positivity to Customer Service Interactions Regardless of Channel
AKRON, Ohio – March 7, 2017 –Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) has partnered with Voxai Solutions, a leading contact center consulting and managed services provider, to bring onmichannel expertise and callback options to contact centers across hospitality, energy, government and finance industries.

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    Six Ways to Get Your Agents Pumped Every Day

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  • Take a Different Turn: How Your Business Can Prevent Customer Journey Roadblocks

    Take a Different Turn: How Your Business Can Prevent Customer Journey Roadblocks

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    Customer Surveys: How to Act on Your Customers’ Feedback

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