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The number one frustration customers express is long hold times. Yet, despite the best planning and forecasting, contact centers frequently experience both call spikes and lulls. The unintended results are long hold times and frustrated customers and agents, or idle agents and inefficient operations.

VHT Callback™ calculates and quotes the expected wait time. This gives customers the option to receive a callback in the same amount of time as if they had waited on hold, or to schedule a callback for a more convenient time.

Callers given the choice of a callback have better experiences, more favorable views of agents, and are more likely to be brand promoters, sharing their positive experience with others.

Contact centers are better able to align available resources to customer needs and gain dramatic operational improvements in key service metrics. 89% of surveyed organizations agree that VHT Callback reduced their overall abandon rate.

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CloudVHT Callback is available on-premise or in
the cloud


Customer Benefits

Gain options to speak to a live agent, valuing time and reducing effort. 93% of surveyed organizations have improved customer experience with Callback.

Contact Center Benefits

Align available resources to customer needs, balancing service goals with dramatic improvements in average speed of answer (ASA), abandoned calls, repeat calls, talk time, average handle time, and service levels.

Enterprise Benefits

Gain an immediate, strategic, demonstrable impact on customer experience, brand, and the bottom line, improving CSAT and Net Promoter Scores. 94% of surveyed organizations realized payback on their investment with Callback within 12 months.