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Reduce abandons and eliminate
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Solutions help government agencies reduce customer frustration and improve operational efficiency through the elimination of hold time.


Doubled call volumes and difficult economic times are stressing unemployment offices to the point of excessive hold times, disconnections and abandoned calls. Callers are frustrated, and employees are stressed. Hiring additional staff can help, but you don't have the budget or capacity to hire enough. What if, in just 4 to 6 weeks, you could implement a technology that could virtually eliminate hold time while reducing your contact center's operational costs?


Virtual Hold Technology® is a market leader for customer engagement platforms, and our products are successfully implemented in government call centers worldwide. Our solutions help contact centers enhance the customer experience, increase customer loyalty and drive positive brand awareness. We work with top companies to architect and implement the optimal solution to eliminate hold time and improve the customer experience.


A composite analysis of our government agencies reveals a substantial improvement after the implementation of Virtual Hold:


  • Annually saved 3.4 years of hold time — at 2¢ per minute, that's over $35,000 saved in one year!
  • Improved ASA by 56% during peaks
  • Boosted service level by 48% improvement during peaks
  • Realized 52% fewer abandoned calls, reducing repeat calls
  • ROI in less than 6 months

Simply put: When customers don't wait on hold, they're happier. And less venting reduces average talk time (ATT) and average handle time (AHT), as shown by VHT customer. In addition to the improvements in primary contact center metrics, this particular contact center wanted to see if Virtual Hold customer engagement platform was also affecting ATT and AHT.


  • Before Virtual Hold, ATT was 5.4 minutes; after Virtual Hold, it was 4.8 minutes — an 11% improvement
  • Before Virtual Hold, AHT was 6.1 minutes; after Virtual Hold, it was 5.2 minutes — a 15% improvement


What isn't necessarily a huge improvement when looked at on a per call basis certainly adds up over the course of a day, boosting productivity and enabling the contact center to handle more calls per representative. The toll and productivity savings prompted the CIO of one government agency to tweet, "Automated callback is now in full production for unemployment insurance claims-taking. Annual savings of $200,000."


And when customers are happier, so are customer service reps: "I can't get over how brilliant the callback system is — I was excited to come to work this morning knowing that we had this in place," according to one representative.